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The Work Ahead - Building a Stronger Berger

The Work Ahead

Building Off the Work Already Done

Beginning in 2013, for over 18 months we studied our market, our competitors, peer organizations across the country and the healthcare industry. We actively searched for solutions to the problems we were facing – and those we anticipated facing in the years to come.

After much study and consultation with experts, we knew we could do more with a single strategic partner than we could with many. In April of 2014 we launched a very public RFP process to identify the best strategic partner for Berger and for our community.

Ultimately, OhioHealth became the clear choice, and we launched our strategic partnership on January 1, 2015. We have accomplished much through this partnership, but we have quickly reached the limits of what we can do together under our current structure.

Moving forward, we will build on the extensive efforts of our Board and thoughtful analysis of our key stakeholders to date. Any deal with a larger health system will further the goals established by the Board to guide our 2014 RFP process and at the core of our strategic partnership with OhioHealth. These goals, developed over 4 years ago, are more relevant and important than ever today.

Expand local primary and specialty care

Increase access to talent

Improve financial performance and long-term sustainability

Enhance quality of care, patient safety and satisfaction

Increase access to new era competencies

Build on Berger's 87-year legacy of service to the community

Our work ahead can be classified in three distinct phases: Developing a Unified Perspective, Negotiations and Transitionary Work.

We’ve taken the first incredibly important step – securing voter approval on November 7th. Next, we’re focusing on:

Developing/confirming a unified perspective around priorities for any deal

Conducting due diligence

Engaging expert advisors

Preparing to negotiate

This work will be led by representatives from Berger’s Board of Governors, the Circleville City Council, the Pickaway County Board of Commissioners and Tim Colburn, CEO of Berger Health System. These groups are working together to align on priorities as we prepare for formal deal talks, which will likely begin in the months to come.

We are optimistic we will have a deal in place with OhioHealth by the end of 2018, or should a deal not be reached with OhioHealth, we will have definitive plans to pursue another partner by that time. We are excited about the work to come and look forward to sharing additional details as they are available.