Berger thanks Circleville for ‘Yes’ vote

Berger thanks Circleville for ‘Yes’ vote

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Herald Editor,

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and congratulations to people of Circleville and Pickaway County on passing the Berger ballot initiative. This was truly a community-led effort, and together, we secured the future of local healthcare.

We are overwhelmed by the support this issue received and the hundreds of you who donated thousands of hours to help communicate the importance of the Berger ballot initiative. This was a community-led effort, and we are grateful for our friends, families, and community partners who rallied together around the significance of this initiative.

Over the coming months, Berger’s Board of Governors will begin conversations with City and County officials, as well as with OhioHealth, to determine if we can reach an agreement to best serve your current and future healthcare needs.

The benefits of changing Berger’s ownership structure are substantial. Patients and our entire community members can expect:

  • Increased access to physicians and other clinicians close to home
  • Additional services and access to industry-leading technologies offered locally
  • Improved financial stability so Berger can remain one of our community’s most vital economic partners

As we move forward, we will continue to engage with physicians, employees, volunteers, community leaders and others who have the best interests of our patients and the community in mind. We will work together on identifying and implementing solutions for the future and answer all their questions along the way.

Thank you, again, for your incredible support of Berger Health System. We are proud to serve our amazing and passionate community.

Berger Health System Board of Governors