For over 90 years, Berger Health System has been a vital community partner and ensuring that local healthcare remains strong and vibrant long into the future is a top priority for Berger’s Board of Governors.

In fact, it is the greatest responsibility Berger’s Board and leadership team face.

It is this responsibility that led us to ask voters last November to grant us approval to begin the process of changing Berger’s ownership structure.

We so are grateful to our friends, families, community partners and the hundreds of volunteers who donated thousands of hours to help spread the message that the stakes are high and doing nothing was not an option.

With overwhelming passage of our ballot initiative, we now have the flexibility our organization needs to negotiate closer alignment with a larger health system, allowing Berger to grow and evolve and continue to meet the needs of our community for generations to come.

We will remain transparent as we begin the important work of confirming our unified perspective and entering negotiations with a larger health system. Check this site regularly for additional content, announcements and to get answers to your most pressing questions about the process.